LUNCHMEAT and MeetFactory

present its 3rd multimedial event
Daedelus vs. Tohyto poster


Ke Sklárně 15, Praha 5 » mapa

US producer DAEDELUS (USA – Ninja Tune) is coming back to Prague after 2 years. His show in MeetFactory will be supported by a visualist, graphic artist and his friend Martin Allais aka TOHYTO.

Daedeluses livesets are notoriously known for its originality. Each of them is different, as Daedelus say : “ Anyone who wants to hear my cd production can listen to it on stereo..” As a musician, Daedelus became famous for his avantgarde renaissance creative attitude. He is mixing unmixable. His experimental electronics is composed of anything between archaic 30´s / 40´s jazz sound and rave basslines. No wonder he´s recording for acclaimed label NinjaTune. Be prepared for contrasty and varied liveset with a magical scifi monome hardware.

Martin Allais aka TOHYTO, ex art director No-Domain visualist of Barcelona´s acclaimed Sonar festival comes to Prague with a lecture about his project TogetherOneMoreTime. He will also talk about his work in the past and he will visually support Daedelus during his show. With his visual shows, livepainting and lectures, Tohyto has been all around the world. Among other events, he´s been invited to Acampante's graphical meeting Trimarchi v Buenos Aires.Buenos Aires. Acampante´s reflection was: “ The most interesting and entertaining lecture in the history of the TMDG.”

The event will also contain slovakian oneman project FOOLK with VJ XADO. Same as Daedelus, Foolk is using monome boxes, so we will be able to compare different ways of using this magical machine. The last but not least performer is czech dubstep originator, Prague based MATOA supported by VJ W_Noice. This producer is proudly presenting dubstep music and supporting the UK-Garage scene all over the Czech republic for 6 years now. Presently represented by Dubkraft Records (Romania), Bankai-Audio (UK), Soak (CZ) and by the publishing company Mai Plues (UK / London). You guys better take Thursday off, because this party will be a kickass!

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19:30 - Tohyto - artist presentation
20:30 - Daedelus + Foolk monome presentation
21:00 - Foolk vs. VJ Xado
23:00 - Matoa vs. VJ W_Noice

entry fees
230 Kč / on the spot - the entire session after subscription to ML (ends 3.6. at 12:00)
280 Kč / on the spot - the entire session
200 Kč / on the spot – only the gig



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