Intensive serie of 5 new media workshops presented by artists focused on the intersection of art & technology.

Experience the artists through different perspectives as lecturers, workshop leaders and their new media practice /performance, installation, etc./

Invited artists for [input] season 2017 are Robert Lippok, Gene Kogan, Peter Kirn, Matthijs Munnik & Mark Coniglio

level: lower intermediate – advanced


  • meet the artists in three significant roles – as lecturers, teachers and performers in two intensive days
  • connect the theory with practical knowledge and experience of live performance
  • gain complex experience while attending the whole [input] serie or acquire special knowledge from individual workshops [it is not mandatory to sign up for the whole serie]

  • for more information please contact coordinator of the [input] workshops klára hudáková at [klara@lunchmeat.cz]

All other events:


Lunchmeat Festival 2017

Lunchmeat is an annual international festival dedicated to advanced electronic music and new media art based in Prague, Czech Republic. Continue to http://www.lunchmeatfestival.czlunchmeatfestival.cz.


Lunchmeat Festival 2016

Lunchmeat is moving. Getting bigger. More complex. New locations. More stages. Killer line-up.


Lunchmeat Festival 2015

Lunchmeat Festival changes it's date and at the same time spreads it's impact.



Place, where the latest trends in electronic music meet innovative visuals and creative ideas encounter open-minded people. Place, that wants to place new ways instead the standard ones. Neon place, where the neo- prefix stands in front of everything. Neone.


Lunchmeat Festival 2014

Lunchmeat Festival slaví pátý rok své existence, během které se stal neoddělelnou součástí tuzemské klubové scény a představí ta nejčerstvější i již zavedená jména současné klubové hudby s přívlastkem 2.0. Důraz bude jako vždy kladen i na videoprojekce a scénografii.


Lunchmeat Festival 2013

Change is heralded by many as one of the chief aspects of life – and also the 4th edition of Lunchmeat festival has undergone some major changes. The audiovisual event of the year is now to be fully concentrated into one day - 26th of April - and it has also changed it’s traditional venue along the way; Lunchmeat festival is moving from Meetfactory to a brand new and unique location. This year’s edition will take place in the former cinema in the underground of National Gallery, right in the centre of Prague.


Lunchmeat Festival 2012

Lunchmeat is an international festival of electronic music, visual art and new media based in Prague, Czech Republic. The main feature of the festival is to keep a balance between musician and visualizer, to let them perform in an organic connection; visuals and sound as equal elements.


Lunchmeat Festival 2010

Lunchmeat festival continues in the inheritance of Lunchmeat A/V Sessions, which were held in Prague during the last year. The festival's ambiton, analogous to A/V Sessions, is to interlink two separate art fields – modern music and visual art – by force of unique A/V sets.


Lunchmeat Festival 2011

Here comes the Lunchmeat Festival after a year again – international show of electronic music, visual art and new media. The basic feature of the Lunchmeat festival remains the same as last year: a musician and a visualizer in an organic connection; visuals and sound as equal elements.