[input] no.3 - workshop w/ Gene Kogan

[WORKSHOP] #3 w/ "Gene Kogan"
21. 10. 13:00 - 18:00 @ VELETRZNI PALAC

"Machine learning for artists"

Deep generative models are a large class of learning algorithms which have stolen the attention of artists over the past two years, by hallucinating imitations of images from the uncanny valley.
This workshop will survey the fast-moving landscape of these algorithms, reviewing the properties of variational autoencoders and generative adversarial networks, as well as surveying existing codebases which implement them and artistic projects which have made use of them. The workshop will also feature a tutorial on how to use the related technique, pix2pix. Pix2pix and its cousin CycleGAN have been responsible for restyling cities and street views, puppeteering pop stars and heads-of-state, zebrafying horses, and much more.
The tutorial will overview how to install and use the software, and various considerations in constructing a dataset to train it on.

20. 10. 18:00 @ Veletržní palác, Cafe 1

Gene Kogan's talk will be part of Lunchmeat Festival's Symposium on Digital Arts.

The talk explores the use of artificial intelligence for new media art. Recent advances in machine learning have made it possible to generate realistic images, sounds, and texts from models built on top of real-world data, inspiring a surge of creative works.
We will review the field's state-of-the-art, present a selection of art projects and interactive installations from the past year, as well as speculate on future directions as the science and art rapidly converge.
Finally, a selection of educational resources will be presented for the curious people who'd like to experiment with the technology themselves.

19. - 21. 10. @ National Gallery in Prague/ Veletržní Palac

Experience Gene's installation "Meat Puppet" as part of Lunchmeat Festival 2017 main program.

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