Thank you, guys!


Festival sold out

Festival tickets are sold out. Last few pieces will be available at the venue for 350 CZK. You can buy a separate ticket just for secont - czechoslovak stage for 150 CZK. Thanks for your support and understanding.


VJing super class

Workshop with top czech VJ - Aeldryn about creative approaches in projection. Analog link, usage of physical materials, feedback, camera systems, etc.


Code for lunch (Live coding session)

Live coding serves not only as a way of writing source code during the computer program’s runtime, but since mid-noughties it also constitutes a distinctive art form. Artists, coders, VJs and electronic musicians are using live coding as a means of creative dialogue with computer tools and during the live coding sessions they create tools for sound and picture right in front of the audience.


Lunchmeat presents: Open Studio at National Gallery Prague

In the series of warm-up events before the Lunchmeat Festival on Friday, 26 April will be part of the festival venue during the week preceding the festival - 19 to 25 April – occupied by Lunchmeat Open Studio.


Lunchmeat festival warm-up

Series of warm-ups for this year's LUNCHMEAT festival will start tonite - 13.4. nearby Cross club.


New website launched

We're on-line! You can find here all artists' profiles richly illustrated by video and sound attachments. Scheduled line-up will be published soon. Stay tuned. There's still more to come.