Evian Christ (UK)

Drake’s “Started From the Bottom, Now We Here” could easily apply to Liverpool resident Joshua Leary AKA Evian Christ, the proverbial bottom being a Youtube channel on which the twenty-four year old kindergarten teacher uploaded several tracks. They almost instantly attracted attention of the internet music community due to their original sound which organically combined elements of hip-hop and ambient music. Set of the tracks appeared on a debut mixtape called Kings and Them released by the Tri Angle label, and its gloomy aesthetics was a perfect match for Leary.

The same label later released a conceptual sound art opus Duga-3, inspired by an eponymous soviet radar system – what raised awareness of the general public, however, was the co-production of the latest Kanye West album Yeezus. Kanye’s choice and subsequent addition of Christ to his stable of producers at G.O.O.D Music wasn’t coincidental, the track I’m In It, produced by Evian, is one of the most aggressive tracks on the futuristic album. Evian’s current debut EP Waterfall (released at Tri Angle) is produced in a similar spirit, which will be present as one of the highlights of this year’s Lunchmeat Festival.

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Tim Exile (UK)

A classically trained violinist, he began experimenting with electronic music aged 12, and gained his first drum and bass release in 1999. In the following years he released mostly for the legendary Moving Shadow imprint, and John B's Beta Recordings, having met John B at Durham University....


813 (RU)

Moscow fire-fighter 813, despite his original profession, had set the current electronic on fire - his energetic dance constructs already settled at the well-known club brands, such as Donky Pitch, Activia Benz, Fool's Gold Records or Apothecary Compositions. 813 shares Hudson Mohawke’s...


Kangding Ray (FR)

“Kandgning Ray is one of the leading names signed on the well-known label Raster-Noton. He is also an architecture graduate and a visual artist focused on geometry, that is maybe why the beat constructions of the French native and current Berlin resident have a chirurgical precise feel that is...


Nonotak (FR)

NONOTAK studio is the collaboration between the illustrator Noemi Schipfer and the architect musician Takami Nakamoto. Commissioned by the Architect Bigoni-Mortemard to create a mural in the lobby of a public housing building in Paris, NONOTAK was created in late 2011. In early 2013, they start to...


Throwing Snow (UK)

London native Ross Tones AKA Throwing Snow has been a part of the electronic music scene at least since 2007 but has became more visible in the last two years. He has released an atmospheric EP Wallow in 2012, which was full of synthetized sounds and bass resonances and on which hosted the British...


Dopplereffekt (US)

Doppereffekt are the mysterious duo originating out of Detroit fronted by Gerald Donald (Heinrich Müller / Der Zyklus, Japanese Telecom, Arpanet as well as one half of Drexciya). Moving from their earlier electro sound into more otherworldy synth experiments, Dopplereffekt inhabit an interesting...


MssingNo (UK)

Most of information about the producer, which calls himself MssingNo, is missing. What the producer, who by his name alludes to the famous Pokémon videogame glitch, isn’t missing is talent. Let the universal acclaim of MssingNo’s small catalogue of the critic and the club community be a proof...


Koreless (UK)

Growing up in Wales and now a resident of Glasgow, Koreless has been making music since the tender age of 9. Inspired by Jazz artists such as John Coltrane, he then went onto to discover Electronic music and created the Koreless moniker in 2008. Despite his age his music exudes maturity, nesting...


Aoki Takamasa (JP)

Aoki Takamasa’s country of origin is apparent by his name alone. He was born in Osaka, Japan, which doesn’t mean that he is not well known elsewhere. World outside of the Japanese island knows him especially for his music and photography. His first musical enterprise, the “Silicom” album was...


Rain Dog (UK)

Having originally studied as an artist, Rain Dog has spent recent years experimenting with production software, building speakers, composing music for indie shorts and making beats out of various small bedrooms scattered across the north of England. 2014 saw him release his debut album ‘Two...


Nadus (US)

Although his unique sound sees no boundaries, New Jersey’s Nadus truly excels at creating and producing fast-paced Juke, hard-hitting hip-hop, and energetic Jersey Club under the umbrella of East Coast Club music. Nadus has come a long way since Dirty South Joe, Tim Dolla, Mike V, and the Brick...


Sinjin Hawke (CA/SP)

Montreal native and current Barcelona expat Sinjin Hawke had prepared a beat orgy for a (still large) group of patient fans at last year's Lunchmeat Festival with his purely hardware set. A lot changed since then – but Sinjin hasn’t rested on his well-deserved laurels. His sound, which...


Groundislava (US)

8bit nerd king, analogue freak, heir on Aphex Twin’s melodic melancholy and integral part of California collectives Wedidit and Friends of Friends, that and many more is Groundislava – a pseudonym under which Jasper Patterson creates almost instantly recognizable amalgam of the 80s pop-culture,...


Slugabed (UK)

The meaning of the archaic term Slugabed doesn’t apply to the British producer of the same name – before turning 25 he has managed to record on established labels such as Planet Mu, Ramp or Ninja Tune (where he has released an excellent LP Time Team), co-found Brighton label Donky Pitch and...


Gunge (UK)

There is not yet much that can be said about a Manchester producer who calls himself Gunge – his unclassifiable music renders us speechless. Bizarre collage of hyperpop musical allusions, fluid, boggling and sometimes completely absenting rhythms, everlasting uncertainty what is about to come in a...


Silkersoft (DE)

German producer Silkersoft is one of few continental producers signed on the UK label Activia Benz – his sound is for the label, however, a perfect fit. Silkersoft sounds a bit like a calmer version of the 813’s maximalist compositions, who is incidentally Silkersoft’s colleague not only from...


Forma + Stroon vs. Metropolis (CZ/SK)

Forma and Stroon will accompany the silent movie Metropolis The domestic scene will be represented on the festival by Forma the free guild of musicians. This 8-member formation recently successfully enriched the silent movie Erotikon, with which it visited many festivals, by its life music...


Aid Kid (CZ)

Solo project of Ondrej Mikula, half of the electronic duo Dignity Dope. Beat melancholy, chillwave, all around sweet stuff. Aid kid is notably one of the most talented undiscovered producers out there.


Binar (CZ)

As the name suggests, music collective Binar consists from two members. They are students of AVU and UMPRUM who are focusing on avant-garde electronic music. Trough combination of ambient melodies, sound structures, straight beats and destroyed samples they create specific experimental music and...


Algorave III (CZ/SK)

Algorave III is an open community of artists making agorhythmic visuals and electronic music while respecting the tradition of livecoding. It's an artistic form of writing a code in real time and making tools for sound and visual output right in front of the audience. Artists...


Sonority (CZ)

Sonority is the operational alias for an electronic music producer and live & DJ performer Jan Hanak hailing from Prague. Having grown up in the Moravian countryside, surrounded by a musical family, he took music lessons and sang in the local choir. His interest in electronic music surfaced in his...


Subject Lost (CZ)

Music producer from Ostrava, Czech Republic. He appeared on the scene in 2009 when he was starting as a dubstep dj and producer. But dubstep is not the exact label for his music as he has always been having his own way of moving between music genres. Nowadays, his sound is influenced by many styles...


Laser String Release 2 (CZ)

Upgraded technique of a laser string play. Artists: David Vrbík (SPAM) Jan Burian ml. (Kyklos Galaktikos)


desaxismundi (FR, visual)

The French artist who calls himself Dexasimundi works with generative visual art since 2006 and as modern technologies develop, the creative field of his work also expands. His works range from graphic interactive design to large-screen videomapping projections or gigantic audio-visual...


Shizuka Hariu (JP, set design)

Shizuka Hariu is a Japanese scenographer and architect based in Brussels, London and Sendai. She is now co-director of the agency Shin Bogdan Hagiwara & Shizuka Hariu Architecture + Scenography (SHSH). She has been designing for a wide variety of stage productions, exhibitions and architecture...


Emmanuel Biard (UK, visual)

Every lover of British club culture must know this light and a visual designer. As a VJ he cooperates for example with Manchester label Hoya:Hoya, worked with Alfred Darlington (Lunchmeat's darling ) which everyone knows under the pseudonym Daedelus. Right with his effort in 2012 engineered...


Bego M. Santiago (SP, visual)

Spanish visual artist comes from Santiago de Compostela, currently lives in Berlin. Her creative scope is quite broad. She creates a different light installations (often interactive character), video, videomapping projects, photos or books. She uses video like a transformer of reality where mainly...


Kolouch (CZ, visual)

Visual artist, illustrator and graphic artist. Currently working as an assistant in the Video Studio at the Faculty of Visual Arts in Brno. Member of the ANYMADE graphic studio and co-founder of the padesátky. info project dealing with Czechoslovak visual culture of the second half of the 20th...


Lasal (SP, visual)

Visualist and musician Arístides García aka Lasal comes from the Spanish Tenerife, but works for the second year in Berlin. As a freelancer he pursues himself to computer graphics, generative and interactive design, music visualizations, but also creates paper installations or lamps - all on the...


David Ventura/Suga (PT, visual)

David Ventura is a visual artist based in Lisbon, Portugal. 
His work combines several disciplines within the multimedia field. 
Either performing as a VJ, working in motion design or programming dedicated software, he is exploring audio and video as one. 
With a large participation in all...


Texa (CZ, visual)

Texa (Tereza Rullerová) has became famous on the club scene by her colourful sets at concerts of MIDI LID, DJ Ventolin or a bizarre project called To žluté, co mate na kalhotkách. Her specific visual language was formed by intermedial studies in Prague and Brno, which were succeeded by studies...


ƒiɗɗA (CZ, visual)

ƒiɗɗA is a VJ and a member of Brno based collective Hertz | Kunst-Plattform. Instead of mixing prepared video loops, he generates material from his impressions of the club. His tool is a kit with which he builds spaceships in his laptop. Results of his constructions are ever changing hypnotic...


Dimitri Berzon (RU), Frances Sander (UK, visual)

Dmitri Berzon studied Fine Art in London and Frances Sander was a postgraduate scholar in Drawing and Painting at Edinburgh College of Art. They are both practising artists who have worked in a variety of media; Frances specialised in figurative painting and printmaking while Dmitri’s practice was...


Petr Krejčík (CZ, visual)

SHQ belongs to VJ top of Czech club scene. Besides the traditional VJing he also pursues to videomapping, which is evident according to his style – he often works with prepared plastic installation on which he projected. Video set then follows the contours of the sculpture and stimulates this way...


Radek Doskočil (CZ, visual)


Pavel Karafiát (CZ, visual)

Interactive instalations, generative design, vvvv code, visual minimalism. His work inside Lunchmeat visual label contains especially creating interactive instalations and visual content generated by code. For this purpose uses vvvv development platform. Cooperates with other artists,...


Tomáš Vavříček (CZ, visual)

Tomáš Vavříček primarily works with light modified trough a projector, and generative graphics in the Pure date software. His light installations are almost always interactive projects where the spectator always has a chance to influence the final art form. The spectre of the colours used...


TV Tiger (CZ, visual)

“Narrativity, instinctive esthetisation, low-bitrate-tenderness. Street on which the asphalt is being torn apart by the growing grass. Whitenoise bogy-man, Nintendo cartridge smell and the closing credits of space documentary recorded on a videotape.” Audio-visual duo TV Tiger is a few months...