Festival Faces 2014

foto: Dita Havránková


FESTIVAL _ gallery

more photos on https://www.facebook.com/LunchmeatFestivalfacebook foto: Dita Havránková


Aliens and Herons: Concrete relief _ gallery

The geometrical concrete relief at Pankrác will be put in motion by the artistic duo Pavel Karous and Jiří Rouš. The authors also promise a comprehensive lecture about the creation of the Pankrác housing estate and its changes in the course of time.


Editions of Light _ gallery

Audiovisual exhibition Edition Of Light in Chemistry Gallery


Good Lunch

Every decent ALF(a male/female) is enjoying their lunch (breakfast, dinner, snack) drink from the Lunchmeat cup! Every beverage tastes delightful when sipped from it! The cups can be obtained at the main Lunchmeat Festival event or at our good friends FRESHLABELS Prague store!


Ticket presale ends on this Wednesday evening

You can preorder Lunchmeat festival tickets for a better price until Wednesday evening.


Line-up is out!

We just published a line-up of two main festival nights at National Gallery. Just check the Programme section.


Berzon and Pufler at work

Light designers Dmitri Berzon a Petr Pufler are part of this year's artistic residence. You can see the results of their work on friday.


Aliens and Herons: Josef Klimes's Balance _ gallery

Barrandov bridge, Ballance by Josefa Klimeše


Festival Warmup w/ Slugabed (UK), Gunge (UK), Silkersoft (DE) _ gallery

Slugabed (UK) Silkersoft (DE) Gunge (UK) DJ BJ tvprodukt Special set: Laser String Release 2 (CZ)


Aliens and Herons: Stanislav Kolibal's Wall _ gallery

A supporting wall approached as a sculpture by architect Stanislav Kolíbal at Vyšehrad in Prague will be worked on by Robert Palkovič, Petr Zábrodský (FAMU CAS) and Jan Petýrek (AVU). Together they will create an interactive videomapping based on the geometrical shapes of Kolíbal's...


Set designer Shizuka Hariu just arrived to Prague

Another of our artistic residents, japan architect and set designer Shizuka Hariu just arrived to Prague. She'll be working together with french visual artist desaxismundi and two czech light designers Petr Pufler and Dmitri Berzon to create a stage design for Tim Exile.


This year's artistic residency guest desaxismundi is in Prague

Our main artistic residency guest – french visualiser desaxismundi is in Prague. Soon he'll be accompanied by set designer Shizuka Hariu and light designers Dmitri Berzon and Petr Pufler to create the ultimate visual setup for Tim Exile's gig.


Festival Warmup w/ Kangding Ray (FR) _ gallery

Kangding Ray (FR), Subject Lost, Binar, Sonority, Abu


Forma and Stroon will accompany a classical film Metropolis

Forma and Stroon will accompany the silent movie Metropolis The domestic scene will be represented on the festival by Forma the free guild of musicians. This 8-member formation recently successfully enriched the silent movie Erotikon, with which it visited many festivals, by its life music...


Aleins and Herons

The joint project of the Lunchmeat festival and the initiative Aliens and herons will, in three April evenings, transform three of Prague's visual monuments of the real socialism period. At Vyšehrad, Pankrác and the Barrandov bridge it will bring together the invention of contemporary visual...


Festival Warmup w/ Sinjin Hawke (CA/SP) & Nadus (US) _ gallery

Sinjin Hawke (CA/SP, Pelican Fly), Nadus (US), Junior (SK), Tuco (UK/CZ), NobodyListen, Visuals: Jan Hladil, Tomas Vavricek, Eli Eliášek


Festival Warmup w/ Groundislava (US) & Aid Kid _ gallery

Groundislava (US, Friends of Friends), Aid Kid, Call Me Radeq, GSMKNSTWRK, dru Visuals: TV Tiger (CZ), Frances & Dima (UK/RU)


Headliner and Artistic Residents

The Friday headliner will be an eternal IDM seeker from Warp label - Tim Exile! Special visual set for his show will be prepared by this year's artistic residents - French innovator Desaxismundi and professional set designer Shizuka Hariu. We feel that this will be huge!


Ticket Preorder Started

From now you can preorder tickets for both nights at National Gallery. You can find more information at Tickets section.


Workshop: Visuals in Dance

Lunchmeat festival in cooproduction with Tanec Praha calls dancers, performers, and also video art and new media artists to join their effort and inspiration in a creative workshop.


Warmup nights at NEONE

This year's edition of Lunchmeat festival will present four warm-up nights. We're starting on March 29th with – oh my God! – Groundislava! Our dream is coming true and we'll be announcing another great musicians soon.


Slow but fast

We're starting our new festival website and we'll present some work-in-progress stuff here. Stay tuned.