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Lunchmeat festival is an international audiovisual festival happening in Prague, which puts particular emphasis on the interconnection between images and music. Lunchmeat festival strives to be one of the leading events in the world of light projections, new media and electronic music - and to generate new ideas across the contemporary artistic disciplines for professionals as well as the general public. The motto of the 6th Lunchmeat festival is"POZOR!" – an exclamation related to the timeliness and urgency of the topics, content and grasp, that differs Lunchmeat festival from most of the conventional light shows and club music events.

Lunchmeat festival 2015 program comprises a series of mutually connected content blocks. Besides festival main evening there is also special opening event (this year with the Lumiére II project by Robert Henke), thematic warmup nights (the first presented a purely feminine lineup led by Paula Temple, second one the premiere of British club innovator Untold in Brno and the last one focused on the controversial fun aesthetics of PC Music label), artistic residences (this year is marked by an unique combination of experimental filmmaker Robert Seidel visual works with famous British electronic producer Andy Stott), site-specific exhibition and a number of accompanying events taking place across Prague's cultural scene. Vital part of the festival is showcasing some of the most interesting contemporary German artists in collaboration with the German embassy; in line with its manifesto and intellectual focus, the festival also strives to provide more space in its lineup for women artists.

Lunchmeat festival main evening presents the world premiere of audiovisual projects arising from the collaboration between the leading visual artists and musicians. This year's edition will feature key figure of contemporary electronic music Andy Stott in collaboration with experimental filmmaker Robert Seidel, cult German techno duo Extrawelt, style-making UK producer Nathan Fake‘s special AV show with Lunchmeat visualist Aeldryn, contemporary British club icon Vessel accompanied by Berlin artist Pedro Maia, avant-garde Russian producer CoH in a unique collaboration with Peter Gonda aka GND, neo-grime innovator Logos with new audiovisual show by Pavel Karafiát, electronic pioneer Electric Indigo together with projection by Thomas Wagensommerer and an influential techno label Dystopian representative Ø [Phase].


The way most electronic music is presented today resembles the fast­-moving consumer goods existence, with the music festival lineups being advertised like fast food chain seasonal offers serving the latest trends and proven names like hot cakes, „To eat in or To go“. In the midst of the almost identical events where success is measured by the number of post views there is often a singular voice missing – the one that could say, „ATTENTION!“ Stop and look out for truly unique events that could really strike you. Like a tennis ball moving fast.

Lunchmeat festival is here for everybody who wants to pay close attention and is not easily attracted by things readily available everywhere. Lunchmeat festival connects the dots between quality electronic music, visual shows and new media while creating a truly synesthetic experience. Lunchmeat festival brings together on one stage carefully selected creators from different art spheres – people, who themselves are often meeting for the first time. Lunchmeat festival creates a platform for people who believe that club culture should not be taken lightly and that really good things capable of shaking the common ground are well worth seeking out and paying attention to. Like tennis ball moving fast.

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Lunchmeat Festival

Lunchmeat is an annual international festival dedicated to advanced electronic music and new media art based in Prague, Czech Republic. Since 2010, it brings carefully selected creators from different art spheres together on one stage, creating a truly synesthetic experience.



Intensive series of 5 new media workshops presented by artists focused on the intersection of art & technology. Experience the artists through different perspectives as lecturers, workshop leaders and their new media practice /performance, installation, etc./. Invited artists for [input]...



Place, where the latest trends in electronic music meet innovative visuals and creative ideas encounter open-minded people. Place, that wants to place new ways instead the standard ones. Neon place, where the neo- prefix stands in front of everything. Neone.