Robert Henke (DE, live a/v)

Robert Henke is one of the most important figures in electronic music of the past two decades. As a half of the iconic Monolake duo, Henke is responsible for one of the first functional intertwining of dub and minimal techno.

15.9.2015 Official opening – Lunchmeat festival 2015

His influence on (not only) the club music, however, extends far beyond the boundaries of any genre. Together with Gerhard Behles (former second half of Monolake) is Henke the founder of the Ableton company, famous for its Ableton Live music production and performance software - the way their invention influenced the contemporary world of electronic music is beyond measure.

Henke’s latest project Lumière II, which will be presented at the Lunchmeat festival opening in the exclusive location, is also reaching epic proportions. A unique audio-visual composition put together by four lasers is projected onto unusually vertically oriented semi-transparent screen with a 9x8 meters size. Robert Henke himself describes his latest project as follows:

„Powerful lasers draw rapid successions of morphing shapes and connected points in space, precisely synched with carefully crafted sonic events to create a situation of total audiovisual synesthesia. Perfect geometric figures are contrasted with floating organic structures, the archaic sign language of an alien culture communicating via traces of light. Massive and overwhelming at times, fragile and delicate at others.“

Robert Henke´s performance will be a part of the Lunchmeat festival 2015 Official opening on September 15th 2015
Official website
Robert Henke interview in FACT magazine

This event is a collaboration with German Embassy in Prague and is a part of German artist's focus.

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Vienna-born Susanne Kirchmayr is a musician, composer and DJ with a career spanning two decades. She was awarded the Honorary Mention at Prix Ars Electronica 2009 as creator of female:pressure - international database for female artists in the fields of electronic music and digital arts. Susanne has...


CoH (RU, live)

The Russian musician, programmer and experimenter Ivan Pavlov aka CoH is one of the key figures of the raster-noton collective. Pavlov, who now lives in Sweden, was in his specific music career still closer to the world of Russian avantgarde than to the Western musical tradition - that makes his...


Ø [Phase] (UK, dj set)

UK techno producer and sound engineer, whose style range extends from granular minimal techno to classic Detroit sound. One of the stars of the Belgian label Token Records and also a representative of the dark techno collective Dystopian. Lunchmeat festival will see his Czech DJ premiere. Ø will...


Vessel (UK, live)

Vessel belongs to a new wave of Bristol producers grouped in a Young Echo collective, who are adding to the rich musical history of their city some new and unexpected sounds and contexts from outside. Vessel´s specifically veiled version of techno with intriguing motifs and twists from dub, noise...


Logos (UK, dj set)

As a pivotal figure of the new wave of instrumental grime, Logos helped re-define the sound of the purely functional genre in the contemporary minimalist constructions hovering in the club vacuum. His debut album Cold Mission for the iconic London brand Keysound is a true milestone of this new club...


Pedro Maia (PT, visual)

Pedro Maia is a Portuguese filmmaker based in Berlin who focuses on Analogue Cinema and presented his work around the world in several galleries and film festival. He currently experiments live audiovisual performances in collaboration with major musicians of the electronic, experimental and minimal...


Aeldryn (CZ, visual)

Aeldryn represents Lunchmeat with his visual work for several years already, straddling the line between live images and digital content. An essential element of his work is the feedback that helps moving the two main elements into a completely distinctive dimension. The results are unique...


Pavel Karafiát (CZ, visual)

Pavel Karafiát is a member of the Lunchmeat Studio and a digital artist. His primary art outputs cames through the interactive installations and generative design. For the last several years he works with the creative-development platform vvvv. He collaborated with other artists on interactive...


Robert Seidel (DE, visual)

German visual artist Robert Seidel is being heralded as one of the most daring creator in the world of light installations.


Thomas Wagensommerer (AT, visual, exhibition)

Thomas Wagensommerer is a media artists, theoretician and musician working on visual and audio experimentation. He is also the lecturer for Experimental Media at the University of Applied Sciences St. Poelten, does light design for performances, and is a member of the What if? arts project about...


gnd (SK, visual)

In his works, the slovak vj Peter Gonda aka GND combines noise, feedbacks and live improvisation on his own software instruments with the practice of live-coding. Apart from working with czech musicians Michal Cáb and Markéta Cilečková he also performed with a greater part of Slovak...


Tielsie (FR, dj set)

The other PC Music representative Tielsie still remains a pretty mysterious person – there is little-to-no info about the producer, except that he comes from France. Tielsie is the author of one of most euphoric PC Music tracks so far and his hyper-speedy and masterfully produced songs were also...


Paula Temple (UK, live)

British producer, DJ and music hardware developer Paula Temple is being heralded as a renaissance personality in the world of techno. Her fluid production keeps on enriching the scene of straight analogue experiments since the beginning of the last decade. Back then she also participated in the...


easyFun (UK, dj set)

UK producer easyFun was one of the very first names on the PC Music label - and is still one of the most characteristic representatives of the much-discussed brand sound. easyFun is originally a film composer, but his compositional mastery is actually fully demonstrated in the hypertrophied sound of...


Untold (UK, dj set)

Untold is a key figure in the development of the UK club music of the last decade, at that time being called a somewhat misleading term "post-dubstep".


Alba G. Corral (ES, exhibition)

Alba G. Corral is a visual artist and creative technologist based in Barcelona who has collaborated with renowned musicians (Jon Hopkins, Lorn…) and major festivals such as Mutek.ES or Sonar. Her practice spans across visual performance, generative art and live cinema, inputting sensitivity as...


Annika Hippler (DE, exhibition)

Annika Hippler is a visual and light artist born and based in Berlin whose work explores space and dimensionality in site-specific installations. Meticulously combining lasers with water and other mediums, subtle coupling and resonances are developed through reverberations, unveiling matter in its...


Candas Sisman (TU, exhibition)

Candas Sisman is a multimedia artist based in Istanbul, co-founder of NOHlab studio who received many awards including ARS Electronica Honorary Mentions. His productions are highly diverse: animations, video-mapping, installations etc. in which he merges synthetic contents with the physical world,...

Michal Pustějovský (CZ, exhibition)

Describing Pustějovský’s artwork as conceptual would more or less be a simplification. The centre of the author’s attention is the interest in uncovering and depicting the fundamental construction elements of the spatiotemporal universe, the interest in the “underlying levels” of the...


Petr Pufler (CZ, exhibition)

The artist has long focused to light design, installations and performance. His work is characteristic of minimalism and interactivity. In Pufler’s installations, light regains the autonomous character of an entity which offers itself to human consciousness and observation in an inexhaustible...

Andrej Boleslavský (SK, exhibition)

Andrej is an independent artist purposing technology in the fields of new media art, interactive design, physical computing and 3D printing. His work also maintains a strong fascination with the entanglement of nature and technology. He has developed many interactive installations and lectured on...


Dash (CZ, dj set)

Talented, emerging DJ who plays a smart mixture of techno, industrial, IDM and other experimental subgenres. Her sets are like a storybook that you always read from the first to the final word and the dark atmo will steal your attention...


Aid Kid (CZ, live)

Ondra Mikula aka Aid Kid is a well known domestic producer and multimedia artist who is often considered as a talented new blood on the music scene. His name is still growing in popularity, proof of this is a fact that he is a winner of the listeners vote competition in Czeching 2015. His music...


VuTru (CZ, dj set)

VuTru is a young DJ based in Prague, one half of duo Ruppert & VuTru. She also co-organises club nights Mineral, Medicine and Kožba. Her motley DJ sets are filled with rap, bass music, vogue, house and recently loads of techno.



GSMKNSTWRK is an audiovisual project which consists of two members, Jan Bárta and Jakub Němeček. Beyond DJing each of them participate in music scene in a different role. Both of them are the other important persons of the Lunchmeat platform. Jan Bárta have its own regular broadcast program at...


Zlatomil (CZ, dj set)

Zlatomil is a music sommelier from the southern tip of Moravia whose musical taste range is wider than any vineyard. He likes the variety of musical tastes based on straight and broken beats which are terminated by the spicy ends. Thanks to this Zlatomil's multi-styles sets are lusciously...


Eva Porating (CZ, dj set)

Energic DJ, well known back home in Slovakia and recently in Czech and mainly Prague’s clubs. If you didn’t see her playing live, you probably heard her show on Radio 1. She supported Laurel Halo, Kuedo, Sun Glitters, Om Unit or Buraka Som Sistema. She‘s a bass lover, passionately mixing...


Annxtrw (CZ, visual

Annxtrw is a young and talented multimedia artist who still study fine arts in studio video at VUT in Brno. Currently she's on an internship at the Centre for audiovisual studies at FAMU and in studio sculptures at VŠUP. In projections she combines 2D and 3D animation which is linked to her...


DVDJ Ananas (CZ, visual)

Under the pseudonym DVDJ Ananas stands a woman of many faces. In a civilian life she's an architect and a designer of accessories Katla, at evenings she's an occasional DJ, VJ and a member of the girl's team KSK who organize parties called „Každej s každým". Within projections...


Nada (SK, dj set)

Slovakian youngblood and Bratislava resident, co-organiser of club night Modular. She supported Conforce, Objekt, Voiski or XDB. She’s mainly into techno, dirty house and electro.


AKA47 (CZ, visual)

AKA47 is a member of the Lunchmeat label and a half of an audiovisual project Space Love. Under the direction of Stanislav Zippe she graduated from the studio of visual communication FUA TUL. Her projections are characteristic by their visual plurality which reflects the mood of postinternet. In...


Elektrabel (CZ, live)

Elektrabel is probably the most famous Czech techno producer. It all began in 2003 when a detroit techno DJ and producer Jeff Mills was attracted by Elektrabel's tracks so he released them as the first material on 6277, the new sublabel of his famous Axis. But on the second warm up we...


Mária Júdová (SK, visual)

Slovakian visual artist Mária Júdová examines a creative potential of new technologies. Recently she pursues intensively a medium of contemporary dance performance which use biofeedback and interactive lights. Lately she cooperated with Andrej Boleslavsky on the light show for Samuel...


HRTL (CZ, live)

HRTL deserves a few designations: music producer, sound experimentátor, boss of label Bűkko Tapes and a member of Bastl Instruments. His HW setup is always a result of a coincidences. Improvisation is a basic building block of his performances where he links the music to the past and present of...


ans (CZ, live)

Ans is a producer and DJ from Liberec who was strongly influenced by the culture of sound systems. Influential musical experience in youth fundamentally contributed to his musical beginnings as he began making music within the freetekno community. His positive relationship with the beat lasts until...


Unclean (CZ, live)

Unclean is a patriot of Brno, electronic music producer and a lover of minimalistic electronic music. One of his music faces is a brilliant uptempo project Strangelet where he devotes himself to building of atmospheres by experimenting with the sound surfaces and drones. In his second alter ego...


Toomuch (CZ, dj set)

Toomuch used to be well know for his fearless and sharp critic, but in the last months he fluently moved to the role of producer and performer. He plays and produces music which is close to IDM sound and deserves designations as experimental or deep tech. In his musical beginnings he tended to synth...


dru (CZ, dj set)

dru has formed his close relationship to music in the environment of sound system culture in which he grew up. If we would seek for his roots in music it's certain they would be close to the dub culture, when we will speak about his present and future music for the understanding of taste it...