Robert Henke (DE) – Lumiere II

České muzeum hudby / 15.09.2015, 21:00

Robert Henke is one of the most important figures in electronic music of the past two decades. As a half of the iconic Monolake duo, Henke is responsible for one of the first functional intertwining of dub and minimal techno.


Warmup w/ Paula Temple (UK)

NEONE / 26.09.2015, 22:00

First of the Lunchmeat Festival 2015 warm-ups will present a woman-only line-up (both the musicians and the visualists), composed of names that are resonating through the universe of electronic music that is globally still being taken as mainly a masculine domain.


Warmup w/ Untold (UK)

Kabinet Múz, Brno / 02.10.2015, 21:00

The second Lunchmeat festival 2015 warmup will expand the festival scope outside Prague with an event held in Kabinet MÚZ in Brno and presenting dark-themed lineup headed by one of the leading names of the UK underground – Untold.


Warmup w/ easyFun (UK), Tielsie (FR)

NEONE / 09.10.2015, 22:00

The third (and final) Lunchmeat festival 2015 warmup will focus on the sound and aesthetics of PC Music. Cybercultural project led by demiurgic producer A.G.Cook and his avatars is one of the most talked about and controversial, but at the same time one of the most colorful and entertaining phenomenon in current club music.


Fuse* (IT) – Ljós

NoD / 19.10.2015, 19:30

Ljós, or light in Icelandic, is a pioneering performance designed by the Italian collective fuse* with the talented acrobat Elena Annovi. As she floats in the darkness, suspended from a harness in the middle of the stage, a video-projection on two screens and music beats are synchronised in real- time with her intense acrobatics.


Editions of Light vol II.

Bubenská 1 / 20.10.2015, 18:00

A five days only audiovisual exhibition will take place at the abandoned space of former public bath in the underground of Bubenská 1. Seven extraordinary artists showing their immersive works full of silence, light, darknes and noise. Opening days: 20.–25.10.2015 6 –11pm Artists: Alba...


AVnode 2015>2018 Symposium

Cafe Jedna / 21.10.2015, 15:30

First edition of AVnode 2015>2018 partners annual meeting in shape of international symposium on new visual art. Three days of discussions, talks, music and live video acts. Space to share and evolve common ideas and aims of networking. Critical view of current situation as well as possibility to...


Main Festival Night

Veletržní palác / 23.10.2015, 20:00

Lunchmeat festival is here for everybody who wants to pay close attention and is not easily attracted by things readily available everywhere. Lunchmeat festival connects the dots between quality electronic music, visual shows and new media while creating a truly synesthetic experience.