Pedro Maia (PT, visuals)

Pedro Maia is a Portuguese filmmaker based in Berlin who focuses on Analogue Cinema. He presents his work around the world and has been exhibited in several galleries and film festivals. He currently makes experimental music videos and live audiovisual performances in collaboration with major musicians of the electronic, experimental and minimal music scene such as Craig Leon, Vessel (featured at Lunchmeat Festival 2015), Shackleton, Svreca and Demdike Stare. By assembling and manipulating in live analogue footage such as Super 8 film, he creates raw and powerful atmospheres that extend the music performance and immerse the audience in his visual aesthetic. His collaborative shows have been featured in international festivals such as Unsound, Berlin Atonal, Mutek, Volt or Sonár.

The Swedish duo of SHXCXCHCXSH presented their less club-oriented and more atmospheric work live for the first time during last year's Unsound Festival in Krakow, accompanied by visuals by Portuguese experimental filmmaker Pedro Maia, who focuses mainly on black-and-white analogue film. After a few other collaborative European live shows made during the last year, they will now present their special A/V project also to the Czech audience. Pedro Maia will support SHXCXCHCXSH's live music with images from old, 16mm celluloid films with all of the pros and cons of this type of medium, taking the viewer back to the very raw beginnings of cinema when light and movement played the main role in the visual experience.

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Legowelt (NL, live)

Danny Wolfers has been hitting the spot of the electronic scene for more than twenty years now under more than twenty alter-egos. A big hardware fan and enthusiastic collector of synthesizers, which he clearly doesn’t have in his studio just for fun, he has lately released a big load of stuff...


Silent Servant (US, live)

Silent Servant is a producer responsible for some of the most eclectic and innovative techno to have emerged in recent years. Part of an exhilarant creative resurgence in the genre, he is also the newest talent in the Sandwell District line-up. Along with Regis and Female, of the legendary English...


Samuel Kerridge (UK, live A/V)

Samuel Kerridge, who started to work his magic with turntables at the age of 14, operates in a field demarcated by the early 90s atmosphere of illegal rave parties and small LP shops. Yet he's been trying to disrupt all the classical genres from the start of his career – this is one of the...


Roly Porter (UK, live A/V)

The producer Roly Porter made his name in the British electronic scene in the mid noughties when he helped to rewrite the rules of the country's music bordering between dance and experiment as a part of the dubstep duo Vex'd. After the duo, whose second half was Jamie Teasdale (Kuedo),...


Amnesia Scanner (AS, live A/V)

Amnesia Scanner entered the contemporary experimental scene with a number of small but significant steps. They collaborated with Holly Herndon on her Platform album, which received enthusiastic reviews and produced Mykki Blanco’s Booty Bamboo track. In their own work, Amnesia Scanner always...



The enigmatic duo of SHXCXCHCXSH comes originally from Nörrkoping, but unlike other current Swedish projects and producers of the dark, hypnotic and industrial “technoise” scene, they have been part of the non-Swedish Avian label roster almost since the very beginning of their career (which...


Objekt (UK, dj set)

Five years ago exactly, the Berlin producer TJ Hertz, performing as Objekt, appeared on the scene, oscillating between techno and dubstep. He captivated with a split recording with Dopplereffekt and three singles even before his debut album, but it was Flatland from 2014 which put him at the centre...


AnD (UK, live)

AnD (A as Andrew Bowen and D as Dimitri Poumplidis) from Manchester have been associated mainly with the labels Electric Deluxe and Horizontal Ground. Since their first 12” released between 2010 and 2011, they have established themselves as one of the leaders of today's uncompromising...


patten (UK, live A/V)

Patten is a future-facing experimental duo based in London. Having started out circulating music on small run CDRs and via their own imprint Kaleidoscope, they signed to Warp Records in late 2013, releasing the EOLIAN INSTATE EP and the full-length ESTOILE NAIANT soon after in 2014. Known in...


Positive Centre (UK, live)

Positive Centre is the dark ambient project of Berlin based Artist, Mike Jefford. Using a collection of drum machines, synthesizers, effects processors and tape, Positive Centre is an exploration into the possibilities of depth, width and texture reproduction through loud speakers. After a pair of...


Kyoka (JP, live A/V)

The first solo female artist from the Raster-Noton label? That’s Kyoka – a Japanese producer currently living in Berlin. After three LP releases with Onpa))))), she was signed by the famous German label, where she continued with two EP’s (Ish and SH) and the fourth LP, called Is (Is...


Kablam (SW, dj set)

The Swedish producer Kablam, together with the grime deconstructor Lotic and the post-club music experimentalist M.E.S.H., belong to to the key personalities of the Janus collective from Berlin which works both as a series of club nights and a label, thus being at the frontier of today's dance...


SØS Gunver Ryberg (DK, live)

SØS Gunver Ryberg is a Danish producer and audio artist who debuted this year with AFTRYK, an EP released through Samuel Kerridge's label Contort. Her dark, almost apocalyptically hypnotic techno belongs to the best of today's club scene in Denmark. Her experience includes a performance...


Ziúr (DE, dj set)

Ziúr is a Berlin producer who continues to expand the multigenre space marked out by producer Rabit, members of the producers' diaspora of NON Worldwide, and the producers associated around the Halycion Veil label. Ziúr has just released her first EP, Taiga, at the Canadian Infinite Machine...


MM (UK, dj set)



Sudanim (UK, dj set)



Kid Antoine (DK, dj set)



Peter Kirn (US, live)

Peter Kirn, a classically trained composer and pianist from Kentucky, is also a journalist and founder of CDM (Create Digital Music) website/platform, co-creator of the MeeBlip hardware synthesizer and last but not least, teacher of sound and visual media. His electronic works range from...


Sculpture (UK, live A/V)

Sculpture is an opto-musical agglomerate made up of Dan Hayhurst (music), and Reuben Sutherland (animation). Their first test hit upon a psychedelic palette, the sensorial intricacies of which they continue to explore. Performance is central to their work, and feeds back into all aspects of the...


Reaper Death Seal Corporation (CZ, live A/V)

After a traumatising experience which divided the two brothers for 16 years, they are meeting again to fight evil. Pure digital boy as the medium, Eva01 as the heavy artillery, they invoke hellish images only to destroy them with the sounds of their machinery. The roots of witch house, techno and...


Koreless (UK, live A/V)

Growing up in Wales and now a resident of Glasgow, Koreless has been making music since the tender age of 9. Inspired by jazz artists such as John Coltrane, he then went on to to discover electronic music and created the Koreless moniker in 2008. Despite his age, his music exudes maturity, nesting...


Emmanuel Biard (UK, visuals)

Every lover of British club culture must know this light and visual designer. As a VJ he cooperates with Manchester label Hoya:Hoya, has worked with Alfred Darlington (Lunchmeat's darling) who everyone knows under the pseudonym, Daedelus.In 2012 he engineered the kinetic mirror installation...


MFO (DE, visuals)

MFO aka Marcel Weber is a German visual artist based in Berlin who has been creating and directing audiovisual performances, installations and music videos since 2001. His work uses light, optics and analog devices, computers, combining both new and older media to draw correspondences with musical...


BlurBoyz (HU, visuals)

BlurBoyz is a Hungarian quatuor of visual and light artists who have recently been in residency at the 4DSOUND Institute and who will present a unique installation for Lunchmeat Festival 2016 alongside Legowelt’s set. They work with smoke, projections, mirrors, lasers and design immersive...


Lasal (ESP, visuals)

Lasal is a Spanish computer artist, graphic programmer and designer based in Berlin. His research draws from different media and elements, be it material or digital, with an extended focus on interactive and generative processes. Amongst others, he developed visual and real-time environments...


Andrej Boleslavský (SK, visuals)

Andrej is an independent artist based in London exploring technology in the fields of new media art, interactive design, physical computing and 3D printing. His work also maintains a strong fascination with relationships between nature and technology. He has developed many interactive installations...


Mária Júdová (SK, visuals)

Slovakian visual artist Mária Júdová examines a creative potential of new technologies. Recently she pursues intensively a medium of contemporary dance performance which use biofeedback and interactive lights. Lately she cooperated with Andrej Boleslavsky on the light show for Samuel...


Gabriela Prochazka (CZ, visuals)

Gabriela Prochazka is fascinated by the poetic qualities of light and the way these can reveal new perspectives on materials and their light reflecting qualities, It is this immateriality, yet powerful story-telling and atmosphere defining abilities that are the determining factors for her practice....


Insert (UK, visuals)

Insert is a virtual platform created by Jack & Cass which uses audio, visual and textual formats to push and contextualise select areas of underground music and club culture. It is from their website that the duo began to craft flat geometric art and visuals to pair with the...


Lambert Duchesne (FR, visuals)

A videomaker and a child of the tumblr sphere, the Parisian Lambert Duchesne will represent the collective Bye Bye Ocean at the Lunchmeat festival during a DJ set by Kid Antoine. His universe, very graphic and colorful, is a unique meeting of organic 3D and photography. Those visions of living...


H5io (CZ, visuals)

H5io, a young Czech student, focuses his work around abstract, 3D heavy visuals based on partial shape generation. To the viewer these serve as an infinite flood of information; inducing feelings of overwhelming dream-like spaces within his subconscious. Thanks to H5io’s minimalistic approach and...


Polygon lights & visuals (CZ)

Silent Servant and Positive Centre will be surrounded with visuals coming from Polygon crew operated by Světlonoš, Vojtěch Kálecky and Urbi et Orbi. Unlike most other A/V shows you will see at Lunchmeat, this one will be stripped back to its bare industrial bones. Factory workers will be...


Tereza Bartůňková (CZ, visuals)

Tereza Bartůňková is just finishing her M.A. program in stage design at the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre at the Faculty of Theatre in Prague (DAMU). She focuses on her own auteur productions with emphasis on the audiovisual part, which enables her to explore an immensely wide...


Adéla Kudlová (CZ, visuals)

Adéla Kudlová is studying at the Centre for audiovisual studies at FAMU, based in Prague. She works with digital motion images, sound and space. The basic motive to be found in all of her work is a strong relationship between nature and digital media, the virtual and our surroundings. Having its...


oxoo (CZ, visuals)

Lukáš Dřevjaný alias oxoo is a generative video system creator and video live performer and a member of the Lunchmeat label. His abstract visuals often evolve from a simple source (e.g. white screen, gradient or noise) which is then heavily re-shaped into a complicated audioreactive structure....


New Magic Media (CZ, visuals)

New Magic Media is an artsy-musical blog and mainly a “project” alias of artist and music journalist Adela Sobotkova. She studied in intermedia studio and she is multimedia artist who works with digital time-based media but still is interested in principles of drawing, layering and contingency....


Planeta 220 (SK, visuals)

Michaela Chmelíčková aka Planeta 220 is a graphic designer, illustrator and visual artist. Her style could be described as minimalist, geometric, slightly sci-fi and futuristic. That is obvious also in her auteur work and especially in VJing. She has been focusing on VJing since 2007 when she...