Black Cube - 7x7x7

icoTaggenerative, installation, animation, scenography

A black cube 7x7x7 meters in size. Audio-reactive panoramic projection with visuals made in pure data environment.

Materialized virus in the public space. An unsettling object disturbing the everyday urban space by its very presence, a gateway to a virtual yet very real world… A part of the outdoor program of the New Stage at the National Theater piazzetta in September 2011. The
visual design of the show was a collaborative work between Jakub Pešek and Tomáš Vavříček
(Academy of Fine Arts in Prague). The sound was composed by Ondřej Skala (aka Ježíš táhne na Berlín), a graduate of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague.

date: 6th - 14th august 2011
place: piazzeta New Stage of the National Theatre

Design and art direction: Jakub Pešek
Visuals: Tomáš Vavříček and Jakub Pešek
Sound: Ondřej Skala aka Ježíš táhne na Berlín
Construction: Ondřej Havelka
Co-production: Nová scéna Národního divadla
Photography: Dita Havránková

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