Creative digital media studio. Specializes in design, interactivity and user experience. Ideas and project solutions for clients and partners worldwide.

Up4 Prague

Audiovisual event held in deconsecrated church. Interactive dance performance, mapping, interactive video installation, live visuals accompanying music performances and advanced light design.


Adidas NMD Box

Playfull interactive installation, created to promote new edition of Adidas NMD shoes. Combination of cutting edge technologies, high end materials, precise synchronization and pure, minimalistic design. Installation is operated by game console, user is able to easily change and control generated...


Meet the Giants Zone

Architectonic and design solution of a summer festival zone. Technicistic concept based on monumental construction, covered with transparent and semi-transparent materials. Large front see-through LED screen, immersive light design and synchronized av show, interactive installation.

DE:CLONE by Toni&Guy

Pop-up fashion event focused on change of style and visage. Creation of the event identity, architecture and set design of the space, decorations, acompanying music programme of the day. Original architectonic solution made of large cardboard panels. Animated LED object, advanced light design and...


Excelent Respect

Three visual site‐specific installations for the Pilsner Urquell ‐ Excelent. Heart and soul of the brewery ‐ a tribute to the place and the people who work in it. Artistic interventions within the factory area ‐ a light installation in the barley germination halls, live digital painting in...


Nike Woman Studio


Excelent Interactive Bar Table

Design of bar table. Combination of interactive installation and classic mapping. Placing the beer on the desk of the bar starts the animation, changing and increasing with each user.


LUNGS Installation

A unique interactive installation by Tomáš Vavříček and Pavel Karafiát.


48th KVIFF

Participation on the Karlovy Vary Film Festival opening show.


STIMUL festival

Visual support of the live set of one of the most popular contemporary club DJs at the Stimul Festival in Prague. Stage design including projection on special light balloons.


Cinema Royal

A long‐term cooperation with the production of the Cinema Royal movie experience. Visual support appropriate to the different themes of the movie screenings.


Black Cube - 7x7x7

A black cube 7x7x7 meters in size. Audio-reactive panoramic projection with visuals made in pure data environment.