Creative digital media studio. Specializes in design, interactivity and user experience. Ideas and project solutions for clients and partners worldwide.

Nike Vapormax Day

High end presentation of the Nike Vapormax shoe edition. Large scale laser & video mapping, virtual reality landscape, laser music instrument, levitating sneakers, laser sign and advanced space and set design.


Up4 Prague

Audiovisual event held in deconsecrated church. Interactive dance performance, mapping, interactive video installation, live visuals accompanying music performances and advanced light design.



Concept based on programmable LED bars. Each pixel of the installation is controled separately. Variable and minimalistic design allows to create singular video wall as well as large organic spatial realization.


Futurum Club Nights

Visual support of Club Nights in reopened Futurum Music Club, Prague. Unique stage design for each of the Club Nights headliners. Set design concepts based on programmable LED bars, semitransparent projection materials and combinations of those approaches.


College of the Year - Excelent Light Show

Audiovisual show tailored for three winning buildings in the student competition College of the Year. LED light animation in the windows of the building and laser mapping. Total synchronization of the visuals and sound.


Colours of Ostrava - Electronic stage

Scenography, visual concept, decorations, set design of the space and stage design. Complete visual accompaniment of whole music program at Excelent Electronic Stage, 13th Colours of Ostrava festival. Unique Vj set for each performer prepared by Lunchmeat Label members.


Majales Excelent Light Show

Audiovisual show, opening headline concert of student festival Majales. Combination of laser and video mapping and advanced light design. Invisible projection screen in size of 18 by 8 metres. Absolute synchronization of laser, video, lights and sound.


Fiat 500X Release

Laser, video projection and light show for Fiat 500x release. Laser mapping of the car and real‐time Tagtool drawing in combination with vvvv generative projection. Light design of the space completed with installation using classic light bulbs.


Excelent Interactive Bar Table

Design of bar table. Combination of interactive installation and classic mapping. Placing the beer on the desk of the bar starts the animation, changing and increasing with each user.


Human Locomotion


48th KVIFF

Participation on the Karlovy Vary Film Festival opening show.


STIMUL festival

Visual support of the live set of one of the most popular contemporary club DJs at the Stimul Festival in Prague. Stage design including projection on special light balloons.


Peugeot emotion days 2013

Interactive mapping – live painting on a car within the Peugeot Emotion Days 2013.


Cinema Royal

A long‐term cooperation with the production of the Cinema Royal movie experience. Visual support appropriate to the different themes of the movie screenings.