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Poster Mochipet vs. Lichtfaktor

mochipet mixtape 15/1/2009        » direct download «

Lunchmeat and MeetFactory presents an audiovisual session


Come and enjoy the combination of sensitive electronic music seasoned with hip hop and see the work of the world´s prominent lightgraffiti studio on Tuesday 14th April in MeetFactory! MOCHIPET (US), producer, sound freak and genre polygamist, will join together with graphic studio LICHTFAKTOR (DE). The event will also be supported by creative electronic producer SONORITY (CZ).

The party is related to the last year´s successful show of argentinian graphic artist Acampante presented by LUNCHMEAT studio.

German studio LICHTFAKTOR (DE) will take care of the visual part of the evening. They are mainly oriented on the longtime exposure photography combined with light graffiti, VJ-ing, creative design and graffiti itself. LICHTFAKTOR worked on the visuals for ESPN, TV jingles for Max Ophuels Film Festival or 1st turkish basketball league. But the centre of their work is still in independent projects, lectures and workshops, which brought them respect from all around the globe.

Their work is filled with outter space robot garbage cans, whales in the sea of darkness, or peace of the night suburb streets is disturbed by alien creature invasions. LICHTFAKTOR will let us peep into their magical and atmospheric visions and this visit will be worthwhile. They prepared the lecture about their projects and techniques and following workshop, so don´t forget to bring a flash light or other kind of lighting, because we´ll be creating some kickass stuff together! LICHTFAKTOR is also closely related to the Cologne electronic scene and they will do the VJ-ing for both livests of the night.

David Y. Wang aka MOCHIPET (Daly City Records founder) likes to call his music experimental. „I used to try and always make sounds that noone has ever heard before, but then I realised it doesn´t matter if anyone else has heard it. It only matters if I had.“ His music is affected by IDM, breakcore, experimental jazz and since he has released his last album, also by hip hop, but there´s David´s strong personality and original musical feeling all around his compositions. Mochipet himself doesn´t really care about genres: „Some people like to call my stuff names, but I just make music.“

SONORITY (X-MAG magazine discovery of the Year 2008), producer and DJ with his heart wide open, shared the stage with Telefon Tel Aviv, Bonobo, Roni Size, Stereo MCs, DJ Rush, Josh Wink, Daedelus, Noisia, DJ Kentaro and many other stars of the electronic music. His compositions are affected by IDM, breakbeat, clicks ´n´ cuts and his liveset is filled with varieties of moods and smart sounds.

Lunchmeat A/V events are connecting worldwide interesting icons of visual art and music. This time, the connection between MOCHIPET, LICHTFAKTOR and wide spectrum of projection devices ( 8 projectors, huge screen, loads of oldschool monitors etc.), will bring us original and unrepeatable experience.

tuesday 14/4/2009



Ke sklárně 15 / Praha 5

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entry fee:
- booking in advence Ticketstream 220 Kč + commissions
- on the spot 290 Kč
- on the spot – only the MOCHIPET show MOCHIPET 190 Kč
- free welcome drink

Don't forget to bring any kind of light for workshop !!!

19:00 - lecture LICHTFAKTOR
20:00 - workshop LICHTFAKTOR
21:30 - MOCHIPET (audio) vs. LICHTFAKTOR (video)
23:00 - SONORITY

contest of the best lightgraffiti piece:
- instructions after workshop
- prizes
- period for submitting 14 days
- results at


Mochipet 01 Mochipet 02 Mochipet 03


Lichtfaktor 01 Lichtfaktor 02
Lichtfaktor 03 Lichtfaktor 04
Lichtfaktor 06 Lichtfaktor 05


Jiar 01 Jiar 02
Jiar 01 Jiar 01


Sehvermögen 01 Sehvermögen 02


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